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Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams
Something About You

Something 'Bout You, recorded in Nashville with ace producer Rich Adler of Soundwave Studios, is Amy Gallatin's first collaboration with resophonic guitarist Roger Williams. Amy and Roger have been performing together in Stillwaters since 2000 and share a common love of good country harmony singing. Amy, whose last CD-release was 2001's Live in Europe, has been a staple on the folk/bluegrass music circuit in the Northeast since her relocation there from the western ranches where she began singing professionally. Roger's country music pedigree is impeccable; he is the son of Northeastern country singer Gerry Lee and steel guitar player Curly Williams. Roger is well known throughout the bluegrass/acoustic scene for his masterful touch on the resophonic guitar, and is now coming into his own as a vocalist.

For this project, Amy and Roger pored over hundreds of vintage duets, some of which Roger learned at his mother's knee--everything from the Louvin Brothers to bluegrass greats Jim and Jesse to the Everly Brothers, from obscure duos like Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, Delia Bell and Bill Grant--and threw into the mix a few contemporary tunes from the likes of Kevin Welch and New Hampshire songwriter Rick Lang. Add some stellar session musicians providing some classic pedal steel, fiddle, and honky-tonk piano, and the result is 14 tunes that put the "K" back in country!

"Damn, if it isn't wonderful. I think it's the best thing that Amy has of the best albums I've heard this year. Amy's vocals...with the power and tone of her voice, are tempered by Roger's baritone which has been sanded smooth by cigarettes and, shall we say, maturity. The song selections are perfect, the harmonies glorious, the sentiments wonderfully maudlin (like any good old country song), and the Nashville session players are amazing."

Ed McKeon / WWUH- FM
Hartford, CT FM on Toast / Caterwaul


The Songs:

Something About You (Kevin Welch)

I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name (Lee Emerson)

Don't Blame Me (D. Fields/J. McHugh)

Slowly But Surely (C.F. Owen)

Tear Stained Letter (Roy Acuff)

Wind in the Valley (Rick Schleckser/Rick Lang)

More and More (M.Webb Pierece/M. Kilgore)

Maybe Tomorrow (Don Everly)

Forever Has Come to an End (Julie Miller)

My Dreams (H.J.Duncan)

Old Pal of Yesterday (Gene Autry)

Will There Ever Be Another (Melba Montgomery/C. Montgomery)

So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) (Don Everly)

I Don't Care (Cindy Walker/Webb Pierce)

The Musicians:

Roger Williams - resophonic guitar
Rick Gordon -- lead and rhythm guitars
John Heinrich -- pedal steel
Ronnie Godfrey -- piano
Pat McInerny -- percussion
John Vogt -- acoustic bass
Mike Bub -- acoustic bass
Andrea Zonn -- fiddle
Shad Cobb -- fiddle
Matt Coombs -- fiddle, mandolin
Wayne Benson -- mandolin
Kathy Chiavola -- harmony vocals


Produced by Rich Adler and Roger Williams
Executive Producer Amy Gallatin
Recorded and mixed by Rich Adler, Sound Wave Studios, Nashville, TN
Mastering by Rich Adler, Sound Wave Studios

Vocal arrangements by Roger Williams and Amy Gallatin
Instrumental arrangements by Roger Williams with many thanks to the musicians for their creative input--you guys so "got" this project! Special thanks to Pat McInerny for your "positivity", and for your steady hand in holding the groove for us.

Rich, you ARE the man! We will forever be grateful for your help and support over the years; words cannot express. 'Twas twice as fun working with you again!

Thanks also to Denise for watering the fish and feeding the flowers....and to Cuzzin' Ken for being, as usual, our ears.

This album is dedicated to Roger's mom, Gerri Lee-- a great country singer in her own right. The singing she and Roger did together through the years are the original inspiration for this album.





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